Curuba is :

  • a Home Automation system : it allows to remotely control electrical appliances in buildings, houses, etc. (read more…)
  • a Wi-Fi Based system : it easily adapts to your personal wireless network. (read more…)
  • Open Source & Open Hardware : Curuba is an open system. It means that any developer can improve it. (read more…)
  • a product which allows Energy savings : The web-based application provides daily, weekly, and monthly power consumption statistics of the connected devices. (read more…)
  • shared with a Web Community : every information about the project, from the user guide to the thorough technical specifications, will be shared online with the community. (read more…)
  • a Multi-Platform system : you can control your houses’s electrical appliances from anywhere at anytime, from any iOS, Android and BalckBerry devices, as well as with any tablet or computer. (read more…)

The Kickstarter project

On the 11th of december, Curuba has been lauched on It’s a world wide site helping projects to grow. The team decided to give presents to everyone supporting us. The more you give, the more you help us! For more information, go on the Kickstarter web site.

Why use Curuba?

  • It is easy to install and use;
  • It is stable and sturdy;
  • It is discrete : it is small enough to be installed inside electrical switches or outlets;
  • It is open-source.


A home automation system

Home automation is automation of the home, housework or household activity (see the article on Wikipedia). The use of technologies such as embeded systems helps centralize the control of different systems in your house. (heating, garage door, front, video cameras , etc.).



The system uses the WIFI network of your house. Curuba can then control your house’s appliances. Additionally, using the Internet, it’s possible to control yours systems from anywhere outside your house.

Mobile application controls devices.


Open Source/Hardware

Curuba is a Open System. It means that you can use the source code and electrical schematics for free and that they are released under a public licence. This type of system implies constant development. Anybody can develop from anywhere in the world. You can use the modules and modify them using your imagination.

Open source and open hardware systems go by the following freedom rules:

Freedom 0 – the freedom to use the work

Freedom 1 – the freedom to study the work

Freedom 2 – the freedom to copy and share the work with others

Freedom 3 – the freedom to modify the work, and the freedom to distribute modified and therefore derivative works.


Energy Economy

The web-based mobile application provides daily, weekly, monthly and even annual energy consumption statistics. hence, you can know what devices consume the most energy in your house. You can then take actions according to that, such as programming working schedules for those devices.

The Application provide statistics daily, weekly, monthly and even annualy of your energy consummation.


Web Community

A Web community is online, offering help to install and use Curuba. On our Wiki, as well as in the downloads section of this website, it is possible to find the detailed explanations of technical aspects of the project, and the answers to specific questions you might have. If not, just contact us, and we will answer shortly! The Wiki pages are offered to centralize all user and developer information.  Help us improve Curuba by registering to the web community and leaving feedback!


Smart House

Using Curuba, you can control any lights and other electrical appliances at any time, while you are at home or while away. You can do so with  any smart phone, tablet or computer with an Internet connection. Since the application is web-based, it can be used with any of the popular operating systems, may that be Apple, Blackberry, Windows or Android.